Advent Calendars - Shop

I know I'm not the only person who has lots of bits of skeins left over and those bits of skeins would make lovely mini skeins to put into an advent calendar. I made a calendar for Bobbie years ago (it gets filled with chocolate rather than wool) and it was so much more work than I expected.

We thought about this and worked out that we could make a kit with the felt fabric which contains the 24 pockets already sewn so it was ready to have felt numbers sewn on. We've  made holes in the numbers so it's an easy project even if you haven't done much sewing. Kits will also include thread and some needles, plus ribbon for hanging. The only thing you may need to supply is a bit of dowelling or bamboo to go through the loop at top as that's what the ribbon attaches to.

We can supply a perspex rod to go through the top but it makes posting a lot more tricky as instead of felt which is unbreakable and can be folded we need to try and safeguard a but of plastic which is long and narrow (and therefore nor all together suited for a journey through the postal system. We think that using cardboard packaging will work (and the samples I posted to myself survived beautifully) but we can't replace any perspex bits that arrive damaged. The price doen't include any cost fot the perspex hanger - we're able to cut these from remnants of perspex which was used for other things. 

The felt we've used is 60% polyester and 40% wool.

The advent calender is pale silver.

You've got some choices with the numbers.

There's traditional red and green.

There's the pride flag colours (black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)

There's the combines pride and trans flag colours - so the pride flag plus white, pale pink and blue.

Finally you can have the numbers in just the trans flag colours (so white, pale pink and blue)

We're cutting numbers to order so there will be a delay of a couple of days while we get your calendar ready.