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  1. One of the delights of knitting socks is that they’re a great way to use skeins of wildly variegated yarns.

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes 1

    Most of a sock is made up of a tube that doesn’t change in width, so the colours can repeat in a pattern through the leg and the foot. If you want that pattern to continue uninterrupted then using a contrast colour for heels and toes is a great option.

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes 3

    These socks are knitted in our 4ply BFL nylon in the Dark Chocolate Tunnocks colourway with heels and toes in raspberry.

    These socks are knitted with 64 stitches in the round, so many patterns will tell you to work the short row heel over half that number. I find I get a much better fit if I add a few more stitches to the heel, so the heels in these socks are worked over 36 stitches rather than 32.

    If you’d like to give this a go here are some colour suggestions for you.

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes misty neons and yellow

    Misty neon and yellow

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes misty neons and hydrangea

    Misty neon and hydrangea

    bfl nylon sock heels and toes faded rainbow and pearl 

    Faded rainbow and pearl

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes faded rainbow and rose

    Faded rainbow and Rose

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes stormy sky and geranium

    Stormy sky and geranium

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes stormy sky and coal

    Stormy sky and black

     bfl nylon sock heels and toes 2

    The contrast in my socks was knitted with a 20 gram mini skein. Once the socks were done I wanted to check if I had enough yarn to work the ribs too. Casting on 64 stitches let me work 33 rounds of rib before I ran out of yarn. That means there’s plenty of yarn for 10 rounds of rib at the top of each sock without needing to play yarn chicken, even if you had a few more stitches on your needles.

    Happy sock knitting.

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  2. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our birthday sale and who shopped with us in June. These purchases mean we've been able to donate £2500 to both Black Lives Matter UK and Stonewall UK.  

    last chance

    Once our sale is finished there are always a few single skeins and yarns which we're discontinuing. You'll find these over in the last chance section of the shop.


    We're saying goodbye to our big and little sets of 4ply BFL Masham


    We're saying goodbye to some mini skein sets too on both 4ply and DK.

    BM50 green

    There's the last of the 4ply BFL mohair sock yarn - discounted by 20% its a great way to get some hard wearing sock yarn.

    There are a few other skeins where we had one of something left, so have a look and see what you'd like most.

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